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Lead with strength and passion.

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Equipping & Empowering New & Emerging, Female Entrepreneurs

Rhonda Trott Enterprises Empowers New, Emerging, & Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs in any business 1-5 years. I motivate, cultivate, & teach them how to dominate in their business.

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Heels To Success Business Mastery is designed to help women entrepreneurs live out their business ideas, and build foundational concepts for their business. Teaching them to be confident, consistent, and creative.

A 4 week Entry Level Program is available with Business Coach, Rhonda Trott! This Entry Level Program is designed to bring education and clarity as you move forward in growing your business. This program is exclusive with professional training.

Entry Level: 4 weeks of intensive training. Discussing the 4 P’s

Professionalism • Purpose • Passion • Profit & loss

2 Modules to include:

A) Carrying the weight of your business. (having a sound mind and a strong will)

B) Motivation, inspiration, domination, & acceleration in your business.

You’ll receive: worksheets, homework, & the replay of our conference call group sessions. Also, entrance into my Private Facebook community.

Entry Level Investment - $249

Option 1. Pay in full

Option 2. Pay in 4 bi-weekly installments: $62.25

Option 3. Pay in 6 bi-weekly installments: $41.50

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Rhonda Trott is the wife of Jerome Trott Jr. and the mother of Ja’Quay, (R. J.) Jaylin and Jireh. Rhonda is the owner of Majestic Hair Images in Dover, De. Established on September 26, 2000. Rhonda leads the team in her business as the salon owner and master stylist. With her confidence, motivation, and tenacity,

Rhonda continues to seek greater and never limits herself to what she can do. With 18 years of entrepreneurship and 28 years in the hair industry, her gift has made room for her. Shifting from her passion into her calling, Rhonda is ecstatic to teach and train women entrepreneurs 1-5 years in any business, helping them to become fully vested, consistent, and successful!